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Wisdom 11:22—12:2 - 2 Thessalonians 1:11—2:2 - Luke 19:1-10

Overview of the Gospel:

  • In this Sunday’s Gospel reading, Jesus is passing through the town of Jericho as he makes his final journey to Jerusalem. As he does, a chief tax collector, Zacchaeus, clamors to have a look at him, even to the point of climbing a tree.
  • As we saw last week, the Jews of that time and place regarded tax collectors as sinners and traitors. Zacchaeus himself acknowledges that he has led a sinful life (verse 8). Jesus, however, calls Zacchaeus by name, and asks that he be invited home to dine with him—that very evening. The response of Zacchaeus is immediate and joyful (verse 6).
  • As usual, Jesus scandalizes the Pharisees by the company he keeps and they begin to murmur against him (verse 7; Matthew 9:10-13)). Zacchaeus defends himself (to the Lord, not to those who were grumbling) and pledges restitution over and above the requirements of the Jewish Law (Exodus 21:37—22:1-3; Numbers 5:5-7).
  • Jesus himself offers no excuses. He simply states the reason that he was sent into the world—to seek out and to save sinners (Matthew 9:13; John 3:16-17).

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  • In the First Reading, the writer of the Book of Wisdom tells us that God is mindful and cares for the least of his Creation, and extends mercy to all who would accept it. How does this apply to Zacchaeus? How does it apply to you? How do you apply it to others?
  • In the Second Reading, what are the gifts that St. Paul prays that God may bless the Thessalonians with? What power is going to supply these gifts? Possessed of these gifts, what event does Paul warn them not to become preoccupied with?
  • Where else in the Scriptures do you see the town of Jericho mentioned (Joshua 2:1-7, 6; Mark 10:46; Luke 10:30)? What do you imagine this town to have been like?
  • How does Zacchaeus compare with the rich official (Luke 18:18-30) in his approach and response to Jesus? How did Zacchaeus show himself to be a true son of Abraham (Luke 3:12-13; Romans 4:12)?
  • Why does Jesus dine with Zacchaeus? Why does this bother others? Do you think Jesus’ words (vv 9-10) stopped the crowds’ muttering?
  • Where did Jesus first find you? (Up a tree? Out on a limb?) How did he get you to join him?
  • What was Zacchaeus’ attitude toward his own dignity in his desire to see Jesus? How willing are you to make a fool of yourself so that salvation may come to your house? What wrongs do you need to make right?

Overview of the Gospel & Questions:

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